Green Spring Hounds

Welcome to Green Spring Hounds Pony Club!

Green Spring Hounds Pony Club offers an amazing experience for horse enthusiasts ages 5-25, who love all things equine and want to advance their knowledge of riding and horsemanship.

Our club, the Green Spring Hounds Pony Club, is part of the U.S. Pony Club's Maryland Region. Pony Club is the largest equestrian educational organization in the world! Started in England in 1929, it made its way to the states in 1954. The cornerstones of Pony Club focus on education, riding, safety, sportsmanship, stewardship and most importantly, a group of like minded individuals who like to have FUN with horses. Whether our kids wind up managing barns, training other riders, going on to compete at high levels of national or even international competition, or simply want to own and properly care for their own horses, Pony Club gives them a firm foundation to be confident and competent lifelong horseman. The skills, habits and values learned through Pony Club will apply to every part of a member’s life, and the experiences you have here will stay with you forever!

Many of our members are involved with horses beyond Pony Club; U.S. Eventing Association, US Hunter/Jumper shows, Maryland Dressage Association, hunter trials, paper chases, fox hunting and pleasure riding. There's more to do than anyone has time for. Some of our kids compete and attend the rallies or shows, while others do not. Competing is NOT a requirement to join Pony Club.

Pony Club is about much more than riding!  We teach communication, confidence, leadership, safety, self-reliance and good horsemanship. The skills, friends and experiences our members gain through Pony Club, will stay with them throughout their lives!


Most of our meetings and lessons take place in Baltimore, Carroll and Hartford Counties, with most venues easily accessible from the I-83 corridor. 


For more information, or for membership inquiries, contact us HERE. 

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